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  • 4 Ways to Keep Your Entertainment Budget Low

    November 8th, 2010 by zessani


    I reaelly care about my budget and can seem to find a way out how to control it. My # 1 problem is the entertinment budget which i can’t control it all.  Living in a society where entertainment is neccessary to live happy, i grew up watching sports, playing games, going out partying, spending money left to right.  I can not find anything better to keep my spending low. Every month my entertainment budget comes out to be around $200, which include shopping. Reaading this article helped me how to make my entertainment budget low, but it will never help me consisently. Going to zoo, saving coupons, heading to a libraary, and attending free events are limited time only. You will get bored soon or later and come back to your normal position. If you want to save your entertainment budget for short-term, then i think this article is helpful in solving your issues.

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